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»What is the difference between demo and full version of Photo Recovery Software?

Demo version is technically similar to full version of Photo Recovery software, but with one limitation. You will not be able to save the recovered files using demo version. In order to save the recovered data, you need to purchase the full version.

» Most of the JPEG’s were deleted from my Digital Camera. Is it possible to recover deleted photos?

Yes, all your deleted photos can be recovered by using, easy to use and professional photo recovery software, ADI Software’s Photo Recovery. All you need to do is connect the memory card to a Windows PC via a card reader and scan the drive. You may also preview the recovered files after scan completion to ensure your JPEG photo recovery.

» 2 GB SD card was accidentally formatted on a Windows PC. Are there any chances to recover lost photos from a formatted SD card?

Formatting (High level) the memory card just rewrites the file system.  Most of the lost photos after formatting are available for recovery, which is possible by Photo Recovery Software. The sophisticated, recovery algorithms of digital photo recovery software, works at low level to recover all your lost data.

» 160 GB External hard drive contains our family pictures of almost 3 years. Now all of them seem to be lost since Windows asks to format every time I try to connect it. Should I proceed with formatting to recover thousands of photos?

Please do not format the external hard drive. Just connect the external drive and ignore the Windows message to format the drive. Launch Photo Recovery software, which is capable of detecting the drive as a physical drive. Select the external drive and file types you are looking for recovery and start the scanning process. Let the scan complete and your photos would be recovered. Save the recovered data to any other healthy partition after which you may format the eternal drive to reuse it.

» My daughter was playing with our new digital camera and formatted the memory card my mistake. Without realizing the situation, we captured some photos. Can you please suggest the recovery possibilities of those pictures which were taken before the formatting event?

Few of your photos might me overwritten; however, recovery is certainly possible in this case. Do not use the camera to capture any more images, carefully remove the memory card and connect to any Windows PC via a card reader. Digital Photo Recover software would scan the complete memory card to recover all the possible photos from your memory card.

» I had to reformat my Windows PC to remove few intensive viruses, assuming that I already have a back up copy. Is there any way to revert the event and get back my lost photos?

Digital Photo Recovery software can rescue many of your lost photos in this scenario. Just download the demo version of Digital Photo Recover software to any other partition and install the same. (Please do not install or download the software to the same partition from which you are trying to recover photos). Launch the software and select the drive in question and start the recovery process. You may evaluate the recovery results with the help of preview option available with Digital Photo Recovery software.

» I accidentally selected “Delete All” option in my digital camera and bang! All the photos of my 3 days trip are vanished just like that. Any possibilities or suggestions would be appreciated.

Do not panic, as most of the deleted data is recoverable. Just do not use the camera for capturing new pictures as this would overwrite the recoverable photos on memory card. Digital Photo Recovery software can recover your deleted photos; just try the demo version to know your photo recovery results.

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