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“I thought digital photos are gone forever after emptying the recycle bin, until I read about and used Amrev Photo Recovery Software. Fantastic photo recovery software indeed!!” Read more…

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Amrev Photo Recovery Tool is rated as best Software & tools by many PC vendors, Shareware Software Vendors and by the customers.

Photo Recovery Software – Deleted Photo Recovery Tool

Amrev Photo Recovery Software can be easily evaluated using the trial version which is absolutely FREE.

Trail version of this advanced Photo Recovery Software is technically similar to the full version. The only limitation in the trial version compared to the full version is that, the recovered photos cannot be saved on to your computer.

Using the trail version, the recovered photos can be previewed and recovery proficiency can be tested. Once satisfied with the recovery results, full version can be purchased to save the recovered photos, audios and videos.

Download is secured against adware, spyware, or software bundles!

Easy Installation

Step 1:  Download and install Photo Recovery Software.

Step 2: Connect the camera or card reader (or any storage device) from which data has to be recovered to the computer.

Note: Use card reader to scan your memory card if computer is not able to detect your camera.

Step 3: Run Photo Recovery Software, which scans the device and recovers lost, deleted or formatted photos, audios and videos.

Points to Remember:

  • It is recommended to download and install the software on to fixed drive (like hard drive). Please do not install the software on the removable drive (like memory card).
  • Do not install the software on to the same drive or partition from which data has to be recovered.
  • It is strongly recommended not to use the storage device (memory card, hard drive…) to copy any data or capture images after data loss circumstances. Copying or capturing new images to the storage device causes permanent data loss.

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